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Paso de Fuego / Galupi Tango Dance Shoes

Dancing Shoes designed and fabricated by a dancer who is also an engineer!

“Dancing shoes are for dancing” was the common reply I got from suppliers of dance shoes. Customers who visited my shop said they had heard dancing shoes are very comfortable and one turns very well in them. This was all information I could gather about dance shoes when I first started selling them fifteen years ago.

Being a Tango dancer myself I asked other dancers what they expected from dancing shoes and observed them on the dance floor. I soon learnt that contrary to my belief every person has a unique foot, some are narrow others wide and and importantly some may have a Halux (Bump on the side of the big toe), that makes a normal shoe uncomfortable for dancing.

Slowly the definition of what dancing shoes should be started to evolve in my mind. Unable to find shoes meeting these criteria I decided to make them myself, after all it was high time I put my knowledge as an engineer to use.

Street shoe manufacturing is perhaps as old as making of clothes and extensive but dance shoes are  a recent phenomena with a small market.

In Tango like many other dances the man leads and the woman follows. Man moves forward and the women backwards, so women’s dancing shoes should be designed keeping the backward walking in mind.

For the backward step, the woman steps backward on the front of the foot which is usually 1/3rd of the foot length, thus it is important to make the front comfortable. So in 2008 I was one of the first shoemakers to introduce padding in dancing shoes.

There are a number of other criteria and parameters that we try to meet while making dancing shoes for women and men.

Unlike many other suppliers we have design and production under one roof. We make only dance shoes, by a team of very skilled shoemakers having over 20 years of shoe making experience – from cutting the leather, stitching and finally assembling of the shoes.

Apart from our standard line we also offer made to order shoes to fit nearly every foot and customer desire.

Our standard heel heights for women are 4,5cm, 6cm, 7cm and 8cm. Other heel heights can be available on demand, in different soles.

Men’s shoe line is also varied from dance sneakers, all suede and Napa leather shoes.

The response of our customers has been very positive to our shoes and designs which we  keep on developing continuously.

One customers feedback to us,

“The wide fit is perfect for my feet. My toes are very happy :-).
I danced several hours on several nights with the shoes. The padding is really great for my feet. I have an injury that makes it hard to find the right dance shoes. With these shoes I can dance without pain. So that’s really great and I’m very happy.
Next time I need (or want
😉 ) new shoes I will definitely come back to you!” Ms. Marte I. (04.11.19)

Junaid Hameed
Designer and Owner

We are continuingly designing and developing new shoes, to be infomed first
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