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Women´s shoes available in :
Heel : 2 cm ,4,5 cm , 6 cm, 7cm, 8cm and 8,5cm
Widths : Narrow, Medium and Wide
Sole : Brushed leather, Suede and Synthetic Sole.

Men´s Shoes available in:
Heel Height: 3,5 cm , 2 cm
Width : Narrow, Medium, Wide
Sole: Leather, Suede, Synthetic Sole

IF Size not avaliable

We can deliver your size within 2 to 3 weeks after receipt of order!

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help regarding sizes

A Size Chart is provided , the shoes are made in Full European sizes and are offered in three widths, narrow,medium and wide. In case of doubt feel free to call us for help on your size for the best fit. Our telephone number is given in the contact section.